School Conversions receive Keynsham Civic Society Awards

Whitecroft Developments Ltd is pleased to announce that the two former Victorian school buildings have been awarded the Keynsham Civic Society Award.  The award scheme was launched by Keynsham Civic Society in 2003 in memory of the late Howard Massey.  Each year, Keynsham Civic Society asks local residents to nominate buildings and structures that have recently been constructed in Keynsham which add value and interest to the town.

The two Victorian schools are in prominent positions in Keynsham and valued local heritage.  The developments at both schools bring new build and converted homes to Keynsham by using and infilling land already well served by the existing and expanding facilities available at Keynsham.

Both developments sold very quickly, an indication of the build quality and attention to detail and the popularity of Keynsham and all that it has to offer.

The redevelopments of the existing school buildings sit in stark contrast to the recent development by Bath & North East Somerset Council on the same high street.

Whitecroft Developments Ltd is local family business established in 2010, siblings Martin and Rebecca Hales are Directors of the successful expanding development company, withfurther developments at Bristol Road Keynsham and Allison Road, Brislingtonset for completion this year. 

Future developments also include the Listed Buildings at Horseworld where Whitecroft shall once again, be entrusted with Local Heritage.

‘We are very pleased to accept the Keynsham Civic Society Award for the former school buildings in Keynsham, both were exciting projects which delivered unique living spaces. We do not underestimate the value of local heritage.  We were aware of the local residents’ nervousness surrounding the redevelopment of the schools, we set out to bring the school buildings back into use in such a way that we would add value to the town and reinforce valued local heritage.  This award has acknowledged that we achieved what we set out to do, it is very rewarding to hear that we have fulfilled our brief in the opinion of local residents.’  Rebecca Hales