Fallen for Grey!


Whitecroft has fallen for greys! Due to their tonal simplicity and their ability to become a perfect backdrop for future owners to project a stunning bold flash of colour either on the walls or through statement furniture pieces. The crispness of Farrow & Ball All White next to a Pavilion Grey is particularly satisfying, or perhaps the soft light of F&B Dempse with Middleton Pink for a fresh vintage vibe?


Grey will work in heritage and new build projects. Paint colours were not widely available in the home until the 1950’s, before that, a range of colours were for the more affluent home owners. Over the past few years, grey has taken a resurgence, becoming the most popular neutral taking the place of magnolia (thank goodness!). Grey is super chic when combined with orange, yellow, turquoise and pink.

There are cool and warm greys to suit your lighting and feel required, dependant on room use, the warmest greys we have found have a green base tone, Hardwicke White (despite its name) is a dark warm base grey. Ammonite is a warm light grey, taking a hint of a warm green grey as its base, this works well for areas which need light and warmth. There are generally three grey base tones- blue green and purple.

Whilst we have committed to grey as our base colour of choice, due to versatility and wide reaching appeal through the new build and conversion properties we produce, we also crave colour for our newly built homes and love returning to see the injections of orange yellow pink blue which the new owners bring with their own style, adding a vitality and freshness to the property to complement the backdrop we have set up.

There is an exciting emerging confidence in colour for internal décor, potentially as a result in part of the flexibility we provided by the intermediate tone of choice at the moment, our beloved (almost 50 shades of) grey!


For further examples of the interiors of schemes completed by Whitecroft Developments Limited, please head to our website using the links below, for further information on any of our schemes please call 01761 490092.